You refer. We reward.

Enjoying Feedyio app and think others would too? Earn every time someone you recommend joins us (paid plans only).

Frequently asked questions

How many people can I refer?

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer (the more, the merrier 🤝).
Just share your invite link with your network to start referring.

Can I refer an existing account?

No, referrals will only work for new sign ups that then acquire a paid plan

Why did I stop receiving my rewards?

If everyone you refer cancels their paid Feedyio plan, you’ll stop earning rewards. Commission is limited for 6 months. Commission based payouts are available 30 days after the store has been billed, and its Shopify partner payout has been completed.

Is there any limitation for rewards?

The minimum amount an affiliate needs to reach in earnings, so they can ask for withdrawing their balance is 50$.

What are acceptable Shopify stores?

Acceptable Shopify stores are the ones that are built on Shopify and have a Basic Shopify plan or higher.

When is a referral counted as successful?

A referral is counted as successful as soon as the trial period ends and the store starts paying Subify (either for plans or for transaction fees). Remember, fraudulent installations may cause suspension.

Getting payment requests

Once an affiliate reaches the minimum withdrawal amount for a specific app, they can request a payment. You will find the payment requests under the 'Shoffi' -> 'Payments' page.
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