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What is Voyado

Voyado Engage is a fast-growing company that operates and develops a data-driven SaaS platform within Marketing Automation, CRM and Loyalty and Product Discovery.

Why choose Voyado

Built for retailers, Voyado unifies data and insights so marketers can really understand their customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

How can AI help you personalize brand experience?

With data from all customer touchpoints—online and offline—it’s possible to make a more relevant customer experience for everyone.

Voyado’s solutions help your brand harness the power of AI to automate the task of putting the right products in front of the right customers, so marketing teams can shift their priorities to more important strategic tasks.

Multichannel marketing for retail

  • Customer insights and reports
  • Multiple automations
  • Loyalty and reward management

Learn more about these and other powerful features in the Voyado Engage marketing automation platform.

Product discovery for e‑commerce growth

  • Relevant site search, navigation, and recommendations
  • Automated merchandising with merchant control
  • Deep understanding of product and visitor intent

Voyado Elevate is a product discovery engine that gets your customers to the products they are searching for, faster than ever.

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