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What is Guenstiger GmbH is one of the largest companies for price comparison portals in Germany with an average of 2,6 million online shoppers per month. Argep is part of the group and one of the leading price comparison portals in Hungary since more than 15 years.

Why choose Guenstiger

Price comparison: Placement of your offers on our price comparison sites in Germany. High quality environment with product reviews and shop ratings. Individual merchant support with dedicated account management
Shopping Ads by Google: We are a certified Premium CSS Partner of Google. Feed optimization and campaign management tailored to your goals. Extension of reach possible: we run Shopping Ads in 19 countries
advantages: No registration fees. No minimum contract duration. No fixed fee or minimum turnover.

Product Listing Ads (PLA)

As a Premium CSS Partner of Google, we have the opportunity to place all your products not only on our price comparison sites, but also as Shopping Ads, also known as "Product Listing Ad (PLA)", on Google. These are product ads in Google's paid search that appear on Google's homepage whenever a user searches for a specific product.

Product Listing Ads (PLA) is Google’s CSS-Partner from day one and can provide you with an experienced team to manage the entire campaign. Their experts oversee the whole process: from feed integration and the setup of the campaign to the optimization according to your goals. Their seamlessly manage your success with one single point of contact.

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