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Shopify plugin supporting connection to the "Verified by customers" service from Heureka.cz in both CZ and SK version. It ensures sending surveys to your clients from Heureka, where they can fill in how satisfied they were with their purchase. After achieving a sufficient number of positive reviews, you will receive a certificate "Verified by customers" from Heureka.

Why integrate Heureka - Ověřeno zákazníky (Verified by Customers)

1. No Cost InvolvedThis is a complimentary service; obtaining and using the Heureka badge won't incur any charges.

2. Enhances CredibilityThe certification elevates your e-shop's credibility in the market. Feedback indicates that a substantial percentage of customers prioritize purchasing from an e-shop adorned with this badge.

3. ReviewsAccording to Heureka's statistics, more than 2/3 of users rely on reviews over price comparisons. Reviews come with guaranteed identification of the reviewer based on actual orders. Heureka takes vigilant measures to ensure reviews are not authored, for instance, by company employees.

4. Utilization of Additional ServicesWith the certification, you can make the most of Heureka's offerings – services like Bidding, Heureka Basket, Purchase Guarantee seal, or participation in the E-shop of the Year competition.

5. Web ExportIn addition to the certification itself, you can also export reviews to your e-shop – a valuable tool for showcasing customer feedback on your own platform.