How to change product name in the product feed

We have several options for changing the product title in the feed.

Product title

Only the basic product name will be used.


  • Mug

Product title + Variant title

The basic product name will be used, and the variant title will be added if it exists.


  • Mug 300ml
  • Mug 300ml / white


When you choose the custom variant, you can create a title from predefined variables, such as brand, variant name, product name, metafield value, variant value.

  • {vendor} {productTitle} {variantTitle} => House Doctor Cotton pillow with filling Quadrum 30x40
  • {vendor} {productTitle} {metafield[wine.vintage]} {metafield[wine.color]} => Dr. Konstantin Frank Dry Riesling 2021 White


If you want to create a custom title optimized for the catalog for each product/variant, you can do it through metafields.

  1. Create a metafield definition for the product or variant:

        - Name - Definition name (e.g., Vivino title)

  1. Namespace and key - The metafield will be stored under this key (e.g., custom.vivino_title)
  2. Select type - Choose Single line text and One value
  1. In the product/variant details, find the created definition among the metafields and enter the product name.
  2. In the Feed Detail -> Mapping -> Product name -> Metafield, enter the key to the metafield you created (e.g., custom.vivino_title).
  3. After saving, all names will be taken from the metafield. If the metafield does not exist, the default product name will be used.


  • custom.vivino_title

Primary metafield - default Custom

This is a combination of Metafield and Custom title. If the metafield does not exist or is empty, the title will be created from predefined variables.

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